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FLK-TIX560 60HZ Fluke Thermal Imager with 240° Articulating Lens, Super Resolution & MultiSharp Focus

Model: TiX560-60HZ

Premium in-field viewing experience with 5.7" diagonal landscape color VGA capacitative LCD with backlight and 150% more viewing area. Camera has premium image quality with leading spatial resolution for a 320 x 240 infrared camera.

This product has been discontinued. Click here for the replacement model(s).

Fluke Connect is the best way to stay in contact with your team without leaving the field.

Fluke TiX560-60HZ Thermal Imaging Camera Offers

Advanced thermographers who require premium image quality and an unsurpassed level of detail in every infrared image rely on the Fluke TiX560. Some environments make capturing accurate images difficult. When working with hard-to-capture targets, the Fluke TiX560 240° articulating lens offers the flexibility to adjust the angle so you can see the image before you capture it. Easily navigate over, under and around objects to maximize efficiency and comfortably take the shot. Getting an in-focus image is critical in all scanning situations; poor focus makes seeing small details impossible and also impacts temperature measurement accuracy, making it much easier to miss a potential problem. Superior focus capabilities are even more valuable when capturing an image with targets at different focal points, or when working in a dusty, crowded or otherwise challenging environment. With the Fluke TiX560, worrying about focus is now obsolete with MultiSharp™ Focus and LaserSharp® Auto Focus.


  • Easily navigate targets with the 240 degree rotating lens and see small details on the large 5.7 inch LCD screen
  • MultiSharp™ Focus takes a stack of images and combines them to provide you with one image that is completely focused throughout the field of view
  • LaserSharp® Auto Focus uses a built in laser distance meter to pinpoint the target and capture a precisely focused image
  • 4x the pixel data with SuperResolution captures multiple images and combines them to create a 640x480 image
  • High temperature range (1200 °C/2192 °F) gives you the comfort of knowing your camera can adapt to future unknown applications
  • Work more efficiently in the field with advanced features such as IR-PhotoNotes®, voice and text annotation, video recording, and remote control
  • Fluke Connect® enabled so you can capture and share reliable data you can trust and trace
  • Compatible with interchangeable smart lenses – 2x and 4x telephoto, wide angle and 25 Micron macro – expand your view with no calibration required


  • Utilities
  • Oil and Gas
  • Research and Development
  • Quality Control
  • Industrial Maintenance
  • Test & Measurement
  • Imaging
  • Video & Vision
  • System Monitoring
  • Maintenance & Repair

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Fluke TiX560-60HZ Specifications

IR Resolution 320 x 240 (76,800 pixels)
Thermal Sensitivity; Filter Mode <0.045°C (45mK); <0.03°C (30mK)
Field of View 24°H x 17°V; 15cm (6") min. focus distance
Image Refresh Rate 60 Hz
Temperature Range -20 to +1200°C (-4 to +2192°F)
Accuracy ±2% rdg. or 2°C, whichever is greater)
Focus Advanced manual
Spatial Resolution 1.31 mRad
Measurement Modes Centre spot; Hot and cold spot markers; 3 user-definable spot markers; Expandable-contractible measurement box with MIN-MAX-AVG temp
Thermal Palettes 8: Ironbow, Blue-Red, High Contrast, Amber, Amber Inverted, Hot Metal, Greyscale, Greyscale Inverted; plus all Ultra Contrast
Memory Storage Removable micro SD memory card, on-board flash memory, save-to-USB capability, direct download via USB-to-PC connection
Click here for complete specifications on the Fluke TiX560-60HZ

What's included with the Fluke TiX560-60HZ

  • FLK-TIX560 60HZ Fluke Thermal Imager
  • Standard Infrared Lens
  • AC Power Supply
  • Battery Pack Charger
  • 2 x Lithium Ion Smart Batteries
  • USB Cable
  • HDMI Video Cable
  • Hard Carrying Case
  • Adjustable Neck and Hand Strap
  • Bluetooh Headset (where available)
  • SmartView® desktop software and user manual - available for download
  • User Manual
This product features Fluke Connect Technology

See it. Save it. Share it. All the facts, right in the field.

Fluke engineers have delivered an innovative mobile platform and tool that helps solve everyday problems, allowing you to instantly document measurements, retrieve historical data, and share live measurements with your team. All handled by the Android™ or iOS smart phone you already carry.

Fluke Connect with ShareLive™ video call is the only wireless measurement system that lets you stay in contact with your entire team without leaving the field. The Fluke Connect mobile app is works with over 20 different Fluke products - the largest suite of connected test tools in the world.

Make the best decisions faster than ever before by viewing temperature, mechanical, electrical and vibration measurements for each equipment asset in one place. Get started saving time and increasing your productivity.

Fluke Connect Features:

  • TrendIt™ Graphs: Use graphing to show changes in measurements, allowing you to graph and show problems instantly.
  • EquipmentLog™ History: Access equipment history building a database of equipment health and baselines with cloud backup.
  • ShareLive™ Video Calls: Save, collaborate and share measurements instantly with your team anytime, from anywhere.
  • AutoRecord™ Measurements: Instantly save measurements to your phone with Cloud backup.
  • Fluke Cloud™ Storage: Securely access equipment records anywhere, anytime.

Fluke Connect Benefits:

  • Maximize uptime
  • Minimize maintenance costs
  • Better assessments with accurate records
  • Higher efficiency with less walking around; no notebook and excel needed
  • Share troubleshooting knowledge live
  • Create and share helpful content in the field
  • Access to Fluke digital product manuals means no need to carry manuals in the field
  • Keep organized manually entered measurements

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