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Fluke 1586A-120/C Super-DAQ Precision Temperature Scanner with accredited calibration

Model: 1586A-120/C | Order No: 1586A 120/C

Scan and record temperature, DC voltage, DC current, and resistance for up to 40 input channels and scan speeds as fast as ten channels a second with this precision temperature scanner. Configure it to use as a multi-channel data logger in or as a precision reference thermometer. It includes accredited calibration.

$4,610.00 CAD

2 to 3 Weeks
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Fluke 1586A-120/C Offers

Collects time-stamped precision temperature and electrical measurements for data analysis by technicians, engineers, and quality control personnel to verify process control, analyze interactive systems, ensure conformance to quality standards, or to correlate related events for R&D or troubleshooting. Measurement data and statistics can be viewed in tabular format for all active channels. With the graphing feature, up to four channels can be plotted at the same time, making it easy to quickly assess test setup and results before analyzing the data on a PC.


  • Best temperature measurement accuracy
  • Flexible configuration for the factory or bench-top
  • Real-time graphing in color
  • Data portability and security
  • Automated sensor calibration
  • Measure thermocouples, PRTs, thermistors, DC voltage, DC current, and resistance
  • Input channels: Up to 40 isolated universal inputs
  • Selectable scan speed: Up to 10 channels per second
  • Four modes of operation: Scan, Monitor, Measure, Digital Multimeter (DMM)
  • Real-time color trending: Chart up to four channels simultaneously
  • 6 1/2 digit display resolution for DC voltage, DC current, and resistance
  • Current reversal minimizes thermoelectric effects, improving PRT/RTD measurement accuracy
  • Automated sensor calibration: Control Fluke Calibration temperature sources such as dry-wells or micro-baths for automated calibration routines
  • Data storage: Records up to 20 MB of data and setup files to internal non-volatile memory or to an external USB drive. Transfer data to a PC using the USB drive or LAN connection and view data in Microsoft® Excel
  • Data security: Administrator and user profiles for protecting settings and ensuring test traceability
  • Mx + B scaling and channel offset zero function
  • Alarms: Two independent, user-defined alarms for each channel indicate when an upper or lower range has been exceeded


  • Pharmaceutical
  • Biotechnology
  • Food processing
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive

Flexible configuration for the factory or bench-top

To simplify applications such as temperature uniformity testing, the Align Channels feature allows you to automatically "zero" offsets between sensors relative to a designated reference channel. An Mx + B offset is stored for each channel and an indicator let's you know that an offset has been applied. Includes 20 math channels and 15 different mathematical operations that can be applied to measured results. Combining calculated results of multiple math channels lets you compute complex operations such as F0 calculations.

For a calibration lab where accuracy is of primary importance, the scanner is best configured with a DAQ-STAQ Multiplexer. The external DAQ-STAQ features mini-jack thermocouple terminals - each with its own reference junction sensor - and patented mini-DWF, gold-plated input terminals, which accept bare wire, spade lug, or mini-banana plug probe terminations. Easily connect and disconnect PRTs, thermistors, and thermocouples for bench-top temperature calibration. It can be stacked on the scanner to reduce footprint in busy labs. Having the flexibility to configure the scanner for factory or lab use reduces your equipment needs.

Multiple modes of operation

The scanner can operate in four modes that let you scan, monitor, measure, or function as a digital multimeter from a single instrument.

Sequentially scan through channels based on a user defined test. Depending on your application, select a fast, medium, or slow scan rate. With scan speeds as fast as 10 channels per second, you can collect data on all 40 channels in less than four seconds. Easily capture time-stamped measurements and correlate related events. Scans can be initiated through six different trigger types to include: external trigger, time interval, remote SCPI command, alarm trigger, manual trigger, and an automated test trigger.

Monitor any single channel during a scan, without interrupting the scan. Measure and record data on a single channel without pre-configuring a test file. In DMM mode, use the front panel channel like a familiar bench-top digital multimeter to quickly measure dc voltage, dc current, or 2-wire and 4-wire resistance. Function keys are backlit so that you always know the mode of operation and recording status.

Real-time graphing in color

This scanner lets you view real-time data for all channels in table format or chart up to four channels in color at the same time. You can quickly see the current process state at-a-glance, or easily verify that your channels have been connected and configured properly.

You can zoom in or out to see data of interest and monitor trends. A history mode lets you scroll through collected data within a scan file - all without a PC and expensive software. Switch between chart view and table view to see measurement data and statistics, including average, standard deviation, minimum, maximum, peak-to-peak, and rate of change.

Not only does it include a rich graphical display, but you can also select between nine different languages including English, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, or Russian.

Each channel can be assigned two independent alarms which indicate when either an upper (HI) or lower (LO) range has been exceeded. If an alarm trips, the out-of-range condition is indicated on the display. Alarms can also be assigned to any of the six TTL outputs for control of external devices.

Data portability and security

Includes 20 MB of internal memory that can store over 75,000 time-stamped readings. Data and setup files can be easily moved to a PC for analysis using a USB flash drive or over a network using the LAN interface connection. It also includes two levels of data security to prevent unauthorized users from tampering with or forging test data or setup files. This security feature is especially important to industries that are regulated by government agencies where data traceability is required.

Automated sensor calibration

With the Automated Test feature, you can automate sensor calibration without a PC and software. When connected to a Fluke Calibration dry well or fluid bath via the RS-232 interface, the scanner takes control of the temperature source and runs your calibration automatically. You simply program the number of set-point temperatures and their values, select a scan sequence (linear, alternate, up/down), assign a reference channel, and set the required stability band.

Monitors the temperature source's stability via the reference channel, collects the data once stabilized, and then advances to the next set-point temperature. After you configure and start the test, you can walk away to work on other things.

Fluke 1586A-120/C Specifications

PRT/RTD (100 Ω Nominal)
Temperature Range -200 to 1200°C (depending on the sensor)
Temperature Resolution 0.001°C
Temperature Accuracy 0.005°C at -200°C
0.005°C at 0°C
0.012°C at 300°C
Resistance Accuracy 0.002% or 0.008 Ω
Excitation Current 1 mA with current reversal
Thermistor (10 KΩ Nominal)
Temperature Range -200 to 400°C (depending on the sensor)
Temperature Resolution 0.0001°C
Temperature Accuracy 0.002°C at 0°C
0.009°C at 50°C
0.024°C at 100°C
Resistance Accuracy 0.004% + 0.5 Ω
Excitation Current 10 μA
Thermocouple Type K
Temperature Range -270 to 1372°C
Temperature Resolution 0.01°C/td>
Temperature Accuracy (int CJC) 0.29°C at 0°C
0.32°C at 1000°C
Temperature Accuracy (ext CJC) 0.15°C at 0°C
0.20°C at 1000°C
Voltage Accuracy 0.004% + 4 μV ch. 1
0.004% + 6 μV ch. x01-x20
Thermocouple Type T
Temperature Range -270 to 400°C
Temperature Resolution 0.01°C
Temperature Accuracy (int CJC) 0.30°C at 0°C
0.23°C at 200°C
Temperature Accuracy (ext CJC) 0.15°C at 0°C
0.12°C at 200°C
Voltage Accuracy 0.004% + 4 μV ch. 1
0.004% + 6 μV ch. x01-x20
Thermocouple Type S
Temperature Range -50 to 1768°C
Temperature Resolution 0.01°C
Temperature Accuracy (int CJC) 0.68°C at 300°C
0.55°C at 1200°C
Temperature Accuracy (ext CJC) 0.67°C at 300°C
0.54°C at 1200°C
Voltage Accuracy 0.004% + 4 μV ch. 1
0.004% + 6 μV ch. x01-x20
DC Voltage (Medium or Slow Sample Rate)
Range ±100 mV
±50 V
Accuracy Channel 1 0.0037% + 0.0035%
0.0038% + 0.0012%
Ch. X01 - x202 Add 2 μV
Fast Sample Rate Add 0.0008% of range
Resolution 0.1 μV
1 mV
Input Impedance 10 GΩ [1]
10 MΩ ±1%
DC Current (Medium or Slow Sample Rate)
Range ±100 μA
±10 mA
±100 mA
Accuracy 0.015% + 0.0035%
Fast Sample Rate Add 0.0008% of range
Resolution 0.1 nA
10 nA
100 nA
Burden Voltage <1 mV
Resistance (Medium or Slow Sample Rate, 4-Wire Resistance)
Range 100 Ω
10 kΩ
10 MΩ
Accuracy 0.004% + 0.0035%
0.004% + 0.001%
0.015% + 0.001%
Fast Sample Rate Add 0.001% of range
Add 0.01% of range
Resolution 0.1 mΩ
10 mΩ
1 kΩ
Source Current 1 mA
100 μA
0.1 μA
General Specifications
Channel Capacity Total analog channels: 45
Voltage/resistance channels: 41
Current channels: 5
Digital I/O: 1 (8-bit TTL)
Totalizer: 1
Alarm outputs: 6
Trigger input: 1
Sample Rate Fast: 10 channels per second (0.1 seconds per channel)
Medium: 1 channel per second (1 second per channel)
Slow: 4 seconds per channel
Display Resolution 6 1/2 digits
Input Module Options 2 rear panel slots ('x' designates slot 1 or slot 2 below)
Internal High-Capacity Module configuration 20 channels per module (x01 - x20)
2 dedicated current channels (x21 - x22)
(3- and 4-wire connections require 2 channels)
Math Channels 20 channels
Operations: sum, difference, multiply, divide, polynomial, power, square root, reciprocal, exponential, logarithm, absolute value, average, maximum, minimum
Triggers Interval, external (trigger input), alarm, remote (bus), manual, automated test
Memory Scan data RAM: 75,000 readings with timestamp
Internal memory: 20 MB
Standard Interfaces USB host, USB device, Ethernet 10/100 LAN, RS-232 temperature source control for automated temperature data collection from Fluke Calibration drywells and baths
Mains Voltage 100 V setting: 90 to 100 V
120 V setting: 108 to 132 V
220 V setting: 198 to 242 V
240 V setting: 216 to 264 V
Mains Frequency 47 to 440 Hz
Input Protection 50 V all functions, terminals and ranges
Dimensions 5.9 x 9.6 x 15.2" (150 x 245 x 385 mm)
Weight 13.2 lbs (6 kg)
Conformity CE, CSA, IEC 61010 3rd edition
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What's included with the Fluke 1586A-120/C

  • Scanner
  • Accredited Calibration


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