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Fluke 754CALIBRATION-KIT Process Calibration Combo Kit


This all inclusive calibration kit includes a process calibrator, pressure module, hydraulic hand pump, fittings, thermocouple extensions all in a protective carrying case.

This product has been discontinued. Click here for the replacement model(s).

What's included with the Fluke 754CALIBRATION-KIT

  • 754 Process Calibrator
  • 700P30 Pressure Module, 30 psi
  • MH10-KT Hydraulic Calibration Hand Pump
  • 961P Hand Pump
  • QTHA-2TBO Fitting
  • QTHA-3TBO Fitting
  • QTHA-4TBO Fitting
  • QTHA-1MBO Fitting (2)
  • QTHA-2MBO Fitting
  • QTHA-1MBA Fitting (2)
  • JE6-T3024-2 Type J thermocouple extension, Teflon
  • KE6-T3024-2 Type K thermocouple extension, Teflon
  • TE6-T3024-2 Type T thermocouple extension, Teflon
  • EE6-F1024-2 Type E thermocouple extension, fiber glass
  • 80PK-22 Type K Thermocouple Immersion Probe
  • 1600C Protective Carrying Case

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Customer Reviews for the Fluke 754CALIBRATION-KIT