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Fluke 9940 IO Toolkit Software

Model: 9940

This toolkit includes supported instruments and provides a way to interface with certain Fluke Calibration temperature calibration products. It uses supported instruments' RS 232 interface to provide access to various functions of the instrument. This version of software supports 1523 and 1524 Reference Thermometers.

$14.08 CAD

2 to 3 Weeks
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Fluke 9940 Offers

Connect the instrument to an available RS-232 port and start the IO Toolkit software. It uses an auto-detection process to establish communications with the connected instrument. Connect the instrument to an available RS-232 port and start the software. The auto-detection process sends identification commands over a range of possible baud rates until a response is received. By default the software attempts communications on COM1. If the serial port being used is not COM1 the auto-detect may be aborted. Otherwise, the auto-detect process will finish and indicate that an instrument could not be detected. The correct port may then be specified.


  • Allows data to be downloaded that has been logged by the instrument
  • Log tags help you manage log data stored in the instrument
  • Access probe settings that include information such as probe type, conversion, and calibration information
  • Direct serial communication with a connected instrument
  • The settings dialog contains settings and configuration information used by the software

What's included with the Fluke 9940

  • Fluke 9940 IO Toolkit Software

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