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Fluke 123B/S Industrial ScopeMeter® Hand-Held Oscilloscope with the Fluke View™ software, 20 MHz

Model: 123B/S | Order No: 123B/NA/S

Features a compact and rugged design, making this hand-held oscilloscope ideal for industrial electrical and electro-mechanical equipment troubleshooting and maintenance applications. This instrument integrates an oscilloscope, multimeter, and high-speed recorder. It also includes a carrying case and is Fluke Connect compatible.

Add In-House ISO Certified Calibration to your 123B/NA/S

$2,817.00 CAD

1 to 2 Weeks
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Fluke 123B/S Offers

It features innovative functions that help technicians troubleshoot faster and obtain the answers they need to keep their systems going. This handheld oscilloscope also allows users to automatically view related numerical measurements due to it's Fluke IntellaSet™ technology. Additionally, it comes with Recorder Event Detect capabilities, which capture intermittent events and logs them for simple viewing and analysis.


  • Dual-input digital oscilloscope and multimeter
  • 40 MHz or 20 MHz oscilloscope bandwidth
  • Two 5000-count true-rms digital multimeters
  • Connect-and-View™ trigger simplicity for hands-off operation
  • IntellaSet™ technology automatically and intelligently adjusts numerical readout based on the measured signal
  • Dual-input waveform and meter reading recorder for trending data over extended periods
  • Recorder Event Detect captures elusive intermittent signals on repetitive waveforms up to 4 kHz
  • Shielded test leads for oscilloscope, resistance and continuity measurements
  • Resistance, continuity, diode and capacitance meter measurements
  • Power measurements (W, VA, VAR, PF, DPF, Hz)
  • Voltage, current and power harmonics
  • Check Industrial networks with BusHealth physical layer tests against defined reference levels
  • Save or recall data and instrument setups
  • Store instrument setups defined by a test sequence for routine maintenance or most often used test procedures
  • External optically isolated USB interface to transfer, archive and analyze scope or meter data
  • Optional WiFi adapter connected to internal USB port to wirelessly transfer information to the PC, laptop or Fluke Connect® mobile app
  • FlukeView® ScopeMeter® Software for Windows®
  • Rugged design to withstand 3g Vibration, 30g shock, and rated IP51 according to EN/IEC60529
  • Highest safety rating in the industry: safety rated for CAT IV 600 V

Connect-and-View™ triggering for an instant, stable display

Oscilloscope users know how difficult triggering can be. Using the wrong settings can lead to unstable waveform captures, and sometimes the wrong measurement data. This instrument's unique Connect-andView™ triggering technology recognizes signal patterns, and automatically sets up the correct triggering to provide a stable, reliable and repeatable display. Connect-and-View™ triggering is designed to work with virtually any signal, including motor drives and control signals - without adjusting parameters, or even touching a button. Signal changes are instantly recognized and settings are automatically adjusted, providing a stable display even when measuring multiple test points in quick succession.


The Auto Readings function with Fluke IntellaSet™ technology uses proprietary algorithms to intelligently analyze the measured waveform and automatically displays the most appropriate numerical measurements on screen, so you can get the data you need easier than ever before. As an example, when the measured waveform is a line voltage signal, the Vrms and Hz readings are automatically displayed, whereas if the measured waveform is a square wave, the Vpeak-peak and Hz readings are automatically displayed. Using IntellaSet™ technology in conjunction with Connect-and-View™ automatic triggering you can be sure you're seeing not only the correct waveform, but the appropriate numerical reading as well. All without touching a button.

Industrial equipment needs a reliable power supply to operate properly, use the dual input to obtain key power measurements

For single phase or 3-phase balanced systems, the dual inputs of the Industrial ScopeMeter® 120B Series can measure AC+DC RMS voltage on channel A and AC+DC RMS current on channel B.

Harmonics measurements

Harmonics are periodic distortions of voltage, current, or power sine waves. Harmonics in power distribution systems are often caused by non-linear loads such as switched mode dc power supplies and adjustable speed motor drives. Harmonics can cause transformers, conductors, and motors to overheat. In the Harmonics function, the Test Tool measures harmonics to the 51st. Related data such as dc components, THD (Total Harmonic Distortion), and K factor are measured to provide a complete insight in to the electrical state of health of your loads.

One test lead to measure multiple electrical parameters

High frequency waveform, meter, capacitance and resistance measurements as well as continuity checks are all covered by single set of shielded test leads. No time is wasted finding or swapping leads.

Fluke Connect mobile app compatibility

Automated industrial machinery is harder than ever to trouble shoot. It's not enough to just know where you have to test, you also have to know what to look for-and that can be hard without baseline measurement data or access to subject matter experts. The Fluke Connect® Assets wireless system of software and wireless test tools enables technicians to reduce maintenance costs and increase uptime with accurate equipment records and maintenance data that is easy to interpret, and share. Compare and contrast test point measurement data and trends so you can better understand signal characteristics and changes over time. And, by storing maintenance data on the Fluke Cloud™ you can enable team members to access it from wherever and whenever they need to so you can get advice or approvals in the field and get your systems up and running faster than ever before.

Use the comprehensive recorder modes to help find intermittent faults with ease

The toughest faults to find are those that happen only once in a while-intermittent events. They can be caused by bad connections, dust, dirt, corrosion or simply broken wiring or connectors. Other factors, like line outages and sags or the starting and stopping of a motor, can also cause intermittent events resulting in equipment shutdowns. When these events happen, you may not be around to see it. But, your Fluke ScopeMeter® Test Tool will. You can either plot the minimum and maximum peak measurement values or record the waveform trace. And, with expandable micro SD memory, recording sessions can be done for up to 14 days. This recorder is even more powerful with the addition of Recorder Event Detect, which makes detecting and logging intermittent faults easier than ever. Just set a threshold on a meter reading or scope trace and deviations are tagged as unique events. You no longer need to search through masses of data to pinpoint faults, and can quickly step from one tagged event to the next, while still having access to the full data set.

Industrial Bus Health Test verifies electrical signal quality on industrial buses

Bus Health Test analyzes the electrical signals on the industrial bus or network and gives a clear "Good", "Weak" or "Bad" indication mark for each of the relevant parameters, presented next to the actual measurement value. Measured values are compared to standard values based on the selected bus types (CAN-bus, Profi-bus, Foundation Field, RS-232 and many more), or, unique reference values can be set if different tolerances are required.

Fluke 123B/S Specifications

Oscilloscope Mode (Vertical)
Frequency Response - DC Coupled Without probes and test leads (with BB120): DC to 20 MHz (-3 dB)
With STL120-IV 1:1 shielded test leads: DC to 12.5 MHz (-3 dB), DC to 20 MHz (-6 dB)
With VP41 10:1 probe: DC to 20 MHz (-3 dB)
Frequency Response - AC Coupled (LF Roll Off) Without probes and test leads: <10 Hz (-3 dB)
With STL120-IV 1:1 shielded test leads: <10 Hz (-3 dB)
With VP41 10:1 probe: <10 Hz (-3 dB)
Rise Time, Excluding Probes, Test Leads <17.5 ns
Input Impedance Without probes and test leads: 1 MΩ//20 pF
With BB120: 1 MΩ//24 pF
With STL120-IV 1:1 shielded test leads: 1 MΩ//230 pF
With VP41 10:1 probe: 5 MΩ//15.5 pF
Sensitivity 5 mV to 200 V/div
Analog Bandwidth Limiter 10 kHz
Display Modes A, -A, B, -B
Maximum Input Voltage A and B Direct, with test leads, or with VP41 probe: 600 Vrms CAT IV, 750 Vrms maximum voltage
With BB120: 600 Vrms
Maximum Floating Voltage, from any Terminal to Ground 600 Vrms CAT IV, 750 Vrms up to 40 0Hz
Oscilloscope Mode (Horizontal)
Ranges (Normal) Equivalent sampling: 20 ns to 500 ns/div
Real time sampling: 1 µs to 5 s/div
Single (real time): 1 µs to 5 s/div
Roll (real time): 1s to 60 s/div
Sampling Rate (for Both Channels Simultaneously) Equivalent sampling (repetitive signals): up to 4 GS/s
Real time sampling 1 µs to 60 s/div: 40 MS/s
Screen Update Free run, on trigger
Source A, B
Sensitivity A and B DC to 5 MHz: 0.5 divisions or 5 mV
40 MHz: 4 divisions
Slope Positive, negative
Advanced Scope Functions
Display Modes Normal: Captures up to 25 ns glitches and displays analog-like persistence waveform
Smooth: Suppresses noise from a waveform
Glitch off: Does not capture glitches between samples
Envelope: Records and displays the minimum and maximum of waveforms over time
Auto Set (Connect-and-View™) Continuous fully automatic adjustments of amplitude, time base, trigger levels, trigger gap, and hold-off. Manual override by user adjustment of amplitude, time base, or trigger level
Input A and Input B DC voltage (VDC)
Ranges 500 mV, 5 V, 50 V, 500 V, 750 V
Accuracy ±(0.5 % +5 counts)
Common Mode Rejection (CMRR) >100 dB at dc, >60 dB at 50, 60, or 400 Hz
Full Scale Reading 5000 counts
True RMS Voltages (V AC and V AC+DC)
Ranges 500 mV, 5 V, 50 V, 500 V, 750 V
Accuracy for 5% to 100% of Range (DC Coupled) DC to 60 Hz (V AC + DC): ±(1 % +10 counts)
1 Hz to 60 Hz (V ac): ±(1 % +10 counts)
Accuracy for 5% to 100% of Range (AC or DC Coupled) 60 Hz to 20 kHz: ±(2.5 % +15 counts)
DC rejection (only VAC) >50 dB
Common Mode Rejection (CMRR) >100 dB at DC
>60 dB at 50, 60, or 400 Hz
Full Scale Reading 5000 counts, reading is independent of any signal crest factor
Modes Maximum peak
Minimum peak
Ranges 500 mV, 5 V, 50 V, 500 V, 2200 V
Accuracy Accuracy maximum peak or minimum peak: 5% of full scale
Accuracy peak-to-peak: 10% of full scale
Full Scale Reading 500 counts
Frequency (Hz)
Ranges 1 Hz, 10 Hz, 100 Hz, 1 kHz, 10 kHz, 100 kHz,1 MHz, 10 MHz, and 50 MHz
Frequency Range 15 Hz (1 Hz) to 50 MHz in continuous autoset
Accuracy at 1 Hz to 1 MHz ±(0.5 % +2 counts)
Full Scale Reading 10,000 counts
Maximum Reading 50 kRPM
Accuracy ±(0.5 % +2 counts)
Duty Cycle (Pulse)
Range 2 to 98%
Frequency Range 15 Hz (1 Hz) to 30 MHz in continuous autoset
Pulse width (Pulse)
Frequency Range 15 Hz (1 Hz) to 30 MHz in continuous autoset
Full Scale Reading 1000 counts
Amperes (AMP)
With Current Clamp Ranges: same as V dc, V ac, V ac+dc, or PEAK
Scale factors: 0.1 mV/A, 1 mV/A, 10 mV/A, 100 mV/A, 400 mV/A, 1 V/A, 10 mV/mA
Accuracy: same as V dc, V ac, V ac+dc, or PEAK (add current clamp uncertainty)
Decibel (dB)
0 dBV 1 V
0 dBm (600/50 Ω) 1 mW referenced to 600 or 50 Ω
dB on V DC, V AC, or V AC+DC
Full Scale Reading 1000 counts
Crest Factor (CREST)
Range 1 to 10
Full Scale Reading 90 Counts
Modes A to B, B to A
Range 0 to 359°
Purpose To measure on pulse width modulated signals, like motor drive inverter outputs
Principle Readings show the effective voltage based on the average value of samples over a whole number of periods of the fundamental frequency
Accuracy As Vrms for sinewave signals
Input A to Common Ohm (Ω)
Ranges 500 Ω , 5 kΩ, 50 kΩ, 500 kΩ, 5 MΩ, 30 MΩ
Accuracy ±(0.6 % + 5 counts) 50 Ω ±(2 % + 20 counts)
Full Scale Reading 50 Ω to 5 MΩ - 5000 counts
30 MΩ - 3000 counts
Measurement Current 0.5 mA to 50 nA, decreases with increasing ranges
Open Circuit Voltage <4 V
Input A to Common Continuity (Cont)
Beep <(30 Ω ± 5 Ω) in 50 Ω range
Measurement Current 0.5 mA
Detection of Shorts of ≥1 ms
Input A to Common Diode
Measurement Voltage At 0.5 mA: >2.8 V
At Open circuit: <4 V
Measurement Current 0.5 mA
Polarity + on input A, - on COM
Input A to Common Capacitance (CAP)
Ranges 50 nF, 500 nF, 5 μF, 50 µF, 500 µF
Full Scale Reading 5000 counts
Measurement Current 500 nA to 0.5 mA, increases with increasing ranges
Advanced Meter Functions
Zero Set Set actual value to reference
AutoHold (on A) Captures and freezes a stable measurement result. Beeps when stable. AutoHold works on the main meter reading, with thresholds of 1 Vpp for AC signals and 100 mV for DC signals
Fixed Decimal Point Activated by using attenuation keys
Meter Readings
Measurement Speed Maximum 2 measurements/s
Record Size (Min, Max, Average) 2 M readings for 1 channel
Recorded Time Span 2 weeks
Maximum Number of Events 1024
Waveform Record
Maximum Sample Rate 400 K sample/s
Size Internal Memory 400 M samples Recorded Time
Span Internal Memory 15 minutes at 500 µs/div
11 hours at 20 ms/div
Record Size SD Card 1.5 G Samples
Recorded Time Span SD Card 11 hours at 500 µs/div
14 days at 20 ms/div
Maximum Number of Events 64
Type 5.7" color active martrix TFT
Resolution 640 x 480
Waveform Display
Vertical 10 div of 40 pixels
Horizontal 12 div of 40 pixels
External Via Power Adapter BC430
Input Voltage 10 to 21 V DC
Power Consumption 5 W typical
Input Connector 5 mm jack
Internal Via Battery Pack BP290
Battery Power Rechargeable Li-Ion 10.8 V
Operating Time 7 hours with 50 % backlight brightness
Charging Time 4 hours with test tool off
7 hours with test tool on
Allowable Ambient Temperature 32 to 104°F (0 to 40°C) during charging
Internal Memory can Store 20 Data Sets (Screen Waveform and Setup) Micro SD card slot with optional SD card (max size of 32 GB)
Environmental Specifications
Environmental MIL-PRF-28800F, Class 2
Temperature Battery operation: 32 to 104°F (0 to 40°C)
Power adapter operation: 32 to 122°F (0 to 50°C)
Storage: -4 to 140°F (-20 to 60°C)
Humidity (Operating) At 32 to 50°F (0 to 10°C): noncondensing
At 50 to 86°F (10 to 30°C): 95%
At 86 to 104°F (30 to 40°C): 75%
At 104 to 122°F (40 to 50°C): 45%
Storage At -4 to 140°F (-20 to 60°C): noncondensing
Altitude Operating at 10,000' (3 km): CAT III 600 V
Operating at 6600' (2 km): CAT IV 600 V
Storage: 40,000' (12 km)
EMC Electromagnetic Compatibility International: IEC 61326-1: Industrial, CISPR 11: Group 1, Class A
Korea (KCC): Class A Equipment (Industrial Broadcasting & Communication Equipment)
USA (FCC): 47 CFR 15 subpart B. This product is considered an exempt device per clause 15.103
Wireless Radio with Adapter Frequency range: 2412 to 2462 MHz
Output power: <100 mW
Enclosure Protection IP51, ref: EN/IEC60529
Safety General: IEC 61010-1: Pollution Degree 2
Measurement: IEC 61010-2-033: CAT IV 600 V/CAT III 750 V
Maximum Input Voltage Input A and B Direct on input or with leads: 600 Vrms CAT IV for derating
With Banana-to BNC Adapter BB120: 600 Vrms for derating
Maximum floating voltage from any terminal to ground: 600 Vrms CAT IV, 750 Vrms up to 400 Hz
Mechanical Specifications
Dimensions 10.2 x 5.2 x 2.15" (259 x 132 x 55 mm)
Weight 3.2 lbs (1.4 kg) including battery pack
Click here for complete specifications on the Fluke 123B/S

What's included with the Fluke 123B/S

  • Oscilloscpe
  • 2 x Shielded Test Leads with Ground Leads
  • Test Lead
  • Hook Clips
  • Banana to BNC Adapter
  • WiFi USB Adapter
  • Software
  • Magnetic Hanger
  • Screen Protector
  • Carrying Case
  • Li-Ion Battery Pack
  • Charger/Power Adapter
This product features Fluke Connect Technology

See it. Save it. Share it. All the facts, right in the field.

Fluke engineers have delivered an innovative mobile platform and tool that helps solve everyday problems, allowing you to instantly document measurements, retrieve historical data, and share live measurements with your team. All handled by the Android™ or iOS smart phone you already carry.

Fluke Connect with ShareLive™ video call is the only wireless measurement system that lets you stay in contact with your entire team without leaving the field. The Fluke Connect mobile app is works with over 20 different Fluke products - the largest suite of connected test tools in the world.

Make the best decisions faster than ever before by viewing temperature, mechanical, electrical and vibration measurements for each equipment asset in one place. Get started saving time and increasing your productivity.

Fluke Connect Features:

  • TrendIt™ Graphs: Use graphing to show changes in measurements, allowing you to graph and show problems instantly.
  • EquipmentLog™ History: Access equipment history building a database of equipment health and baselines with cloud backup.
  • ShareLive™ Video Calls: Save, collaborate and share measurements instantly with your team anytime, from anywhere.
  • AutoRecord™ Measurements: Instantly save measurements to your phone with Cloud backup.
  • Fluke Cloud™ Storage: Securely access equipment records anywhere, anytime.

Fluke Connect Benefits:

  • Maximize uptime
  • Minimize maintenance costs
  • Better assessments with accurate records
  • Higher efficiency with less walking around; no notebook and excel needed
  • Share troubleshooting knowledge live
  • Create and share helpful content in the field
  • Access to Fluke digital product manuals means no need to carry manuals in the field
  • Keep organized manually entered measurements


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Fluke i1010 AC/DC Current Clamp I1010
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Fluke i200s AC Current Clamp I200S
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Fluke i1000s AC Current Probe I1000S
Designed to expand oscilloscope applications in industrial and power environments. Ideal for measuring distorted current waveforms and harmonics.
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Fluke OC4USB USB Interface Cable OC4USB
A USB interface cable designed to connect the optically-isolated serial interface port of ScopeMeter or Power Quality Analyzer to a standard USB-interface on your PC. Additionally, it features optical isolation, which allows users to float their instrument at mains voltages or beyond while being connected to your PC.
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