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Fluke P3023-INH2O Gas Deadweight Tester, 12 to 800inH20

Model: P3023-INH2O

Test devices with ease and accuracy using this gas deadweight tester, which comes with known masses that are stored in a self-locking case to help keep them safe during transport. The deadweight tester features a 12 to 800inH2O range.

$23,632.00 CAD

2 to 3 Weeks
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This has units that can be trimmed to local gravity FOC.


  • 0.015% of reading accuracy standard (0.008% optional)
  • 1 to 30inHg vacuum (0.03 to 1bar vacuum)
  • 3 to 500psi (0.2 to 35bar) pressure
  • inH2O and mbar ranges available
  • Series 3 non-magnetic stainless-steel weights

Application Selection Guide

Fluke 754 Documenting Process Calibrator with HART communication Fluke 721 Dual Sensor Pressure Calibrators Fluke 719PRO Electric Pressure Calibrators Fluke 719 Pressure Calibrator Fluke 718 Series Pressure Calibrators Fluke 717 Series Pressure Calibrators Fluke 700G Series Pressure Test Gauge Fluke 3130-G2M Portable Pneumatic Pressure Calibrators Fluke 2700G Series Pressure Gauges Fluke Deadweight Testers
Model number 754 721/​721Ex 719Pro 719 718 717 700G 3130 2700G Dead-weight Testers
Calibrating pressure transmitters (field) Ideal
Calibrating pressure transmitters (bench) Ideal
Calibrating HART Smart transmitters Ideal
Documenting pressure transmitter calibrations Ideal
Testing pressure switches in the field Ideal
Testing pressure switches on the bench Ideal
Documenting pressure switch tests Ideal
Testing pressure switches with live (voltage) contacts Ideal
Gas custody transfer computer tests Ideal
Verifying process pressure gauges (field) Ideal
Verifying process pressure gauges (bench) Ideal
Logging pressure measurements Ideal
Testing pressure devices using a reference gauge Ideal
Hydrostatic vessel testing Ideal
Leak testing (pressure measurement logging) Ideal
Pressure Calibration Selection Guide

Fluke P3023-INH2O Specifications

Standard Weight Material Series 3 non-magnetic austenitic stainless steel
Weight Density 7.8g/cm3
Optional Fractional Weights Solution heat-treated aluminum
Test Port Adapters 1/8, 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2 NPT or BSP
Built-in Hand Pumps Pressure mode: Max pressure 300psi (20bar); vacuum mode: to 90% vacuum

What's included with the Fluke P3023-INH2O

  • Fluke P3023-INH2O Gas Deadweight Tester, 12 to 800inH20

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